CPCS A61 Appointed Person Theory Test Answers

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CPCS A61 Appointed Person Course Description

CPCS Course Detail

The CPCS A61 course provides simulated workshop lift planning exercises in the training room and gives delegates the opportunity to put their knowledge and skills into practice before the test. This includes an ability to plan a lift, interpret and apply sections 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the BS 7121 Safe Use of Cranes and to understand the LOLER Regulations.

This CPCS course includes the following elements:

  • Introductions to the qualification, why it is essential and the relevant legislation surrounding this role, including the LOLER regulations.
  • The roles and responsibilities of the Appointed Person.
  • Crane stability and planning lifting operations.
  • Mobile cranes and planning lifting operations.
  • Drawing workshops to plan lifts.
  • Routine maintenance of relevant plant machinery.
  • Safe working procedures.
  • Pre-use and post use procedures.

Course content

  • Observe regulations and Codes of Practice.
  • Follow safe systems of work including method statements.
  • Take personal responsibility.
  • Describe different types of cranes and associated terminology.
  • Understand crane documentation.
  • Understand crane stability, duty charts and safety devices.
  • Appreciate tower cranes.
  • Observe British Standard 7121 Safe Use of Cranes Guidelines sections 1, 2, 3 and 4. 
  • Recognise the role of appointed persons.
  • Plan a lift.

Teaching and assessment 

  • 4 days learning through a mix of classroom-based teaching and practical exercises.
  • 1 day assessment – CPCS technical tests.

Qualifications you get

  • CPCS Trained Operator Card (red card) on passing the CPCS technical tests.
  • CITB National Construction College certificate.

Mandatory entry requirements

  • CITB health, safety and environment test (managers and professionals level) passed no more than two years before the course start date.
  • You should have sufficient experience of cranes to meet the requirements specified in British standard 7121 Safe Use of Cranes.
  • Good understanding of spoken and written English.

All courses end with the CPCS Theory and Practical Tests applicable to this course.