CPCS A17E Telescopic Handler – Suspended Loads Only Theory Test Answers

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CPCS A17E Telescopic Handler – Suspended Loads Only Course description

The aim of this course is to provide delegates with the knowledge and practical skills needed to safely
operate a Telescopic Handler with Suspended Loads. This course includes theory and practical elements, with tests being conducted on each.


By the end of the course, delegates should be able to:
• Identify the different types of lifting accessories and attachments and explain their functions
• Explain the correct methods for attaching suspended loads to the machine
• Explain how stability is affected by travelling with a raised boom and a suspended load
• Demonstrate an understanding of Safe Working Loads and Lifting Capacity Charts
• Explain how manufacturers may reduce the lifting capacity when moving a suspended load
• Demonstrate an understanding of centres of gravity and how to calculate weights of loads
• Identify overhead/proximity hazards
• Check the load integrity and security
• Agree the signals, direction of movement and landing placement zone with the slinger signaller
• Lift and move a load in a safe and controlled manner, with minimum uncontrolled movement
• Place and remove loads from a vehicle
• Explain visibility issues and restrictions with suspended loads
• Place loads out of sight
• Maintain safe working situations
• Carry out all out of service and securing procedures.


The duration of the course depends on the experience level of the delegates attending. Typically, these are:
• 5 Day – Novice Course (includes CPCS Theory and Practical Tests)
• 2-5 Day – Experienced Operator Course (no previous certification)
• 1 Day CPCS Theory Test preparation (recommended for all delegates)
• 1-3 Days practical training (depending on experience level)
• 1 Day CPCS Theory and Practical Tests
• 1 Day – CPCS Theory and Practical Testing only (no training given, experienced operators only).


Upon successful completion of the CPCS tests, delegates will be issued with a CPCS Trained Operator Card (red), valid for 2 years (non-renewable).


Operators are required to complete a Vocational Qualification (VQ) within 2 years and upgrade to a CPCS Competent Operator Card (blue). This card is then renewed every 5 years.

Other Information

Operators are also required to pass the relevant CITB Health, Safety & Environmental test within the two years prior to application for the CPCS Trained Operator or Competent Operator Card.

Where the Telescopic Handler operator is required to sling the loads, they must be a qualified, competent and authorised Slinger Signaller.

Delegate must already hold certification for CPCS Telescopic Handler (A17). This course can be carried out
alongside Endorsements A – Industrial Telescopic, B – Up to 9m, C – All Sizes exc. 360 Slew or A77 – All Sizes including 360 Slew.